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Nicholas Restaurant in Natick -
Posted a review about Nicholas restaurant in Natick, MA. did not want to post it because as they explained to me in an e-mail, my review was critical so therefore I am probably the competition. ??????? Beware, the website is weird... I honestly thought the reviews that were already there were so perfect that they could not be real. The restaurant is just OK according to other reviews, not the perfect scores these people posted. Response to this posting that was found on multiple websites

Nicholas restaurant in Natick
What the user failed to mention was removed close to five reviews of Nicholas Restaurant all posted by him, using a different name for each review but using the same email address. Here are all the different versions of the reviews that were posted. review #1. I like Greek food. I decided to try Nicholas's restaurant. We ordered appetizers. After 20 minutes we had no food, so we tried to call the waitress to find out what was going on. It took at least 10 more minutes to get the waitress to respond. I cannot tell you how rude she was, my party and I felt as if we were imposing on her. We all left, and I cannot believe, nobody at the restaurant even questioned what happened. Needless to say, What a crappy place it is, we will never go back again!!!!! robert xakon

review #2 After passing by this restaurant I noticed that the old Nick's Ice Cream restaurant had changed, no more Drive Inn fare or antique cars, but a sit-down restaurant. After reading reviews we decided to try the greek food. Very different from American tastes, if you are adventurous and want to try something new you need to keep an open mind. Actually, the greek appetizers were quite good, something for a special occassion. The fried scallops were a little dry, but the tuna salad was pretty good. One note on service, it was a little slow but friendly. The restaurant is worth trying out once even if you do not go back. My recommendation is more American food be put on the menu, martha stacks

Review #3 I love greek food. I decided to try Nicholas' restaurant, unusual because one does not expect a greek restaurant in the suburbs. I went with a party of four. We were greeted by a young girl and seated immediately. After many minutes of conversation, we all noted that nobody came to our table. I asked a waitress to please send someone to our table. She told me that my waitress was busy in the kitchen, but she would speak to her.Finally the waitress arrived. She asked what would we like. I asked her why we had to wait so long ( I have been known to be a grump) She said and I quote, " we are really busy tonight, what do you want". I'll tell you, I was shocked!!!. My wife told me to chill out. OK, I get upset at situations like this, but she was so rude. We all ordered our food but I have to tell you... It gets worse. When dinner finally arrived, it was wrong. I ordered Arni Souvlaki, I got Fried Haddock. Although I have nothing against Haddock, it was not what I ordered.So... it gets better. I told the waittress she gave me the wrong meal. She told me "That's what you ordered". I said no, I ordered Souvlaki, not fish. I could not believe what a face she made. She actually walked away towards the bar!!! I shouted out "Miss, Miss" Nobody even came to our table. Although my dining partners were happy with their meals ( althought 1 person ordered Lamb Ribs and received Ckicken Souvlaki), I got upset. My wife told me I need to chill out. After many minutes of conversation, we all agreed that something needed to be done. I called our waitress and asked that she please come to our table. She told me that she has other people to serve and she will be with us as soon as possible. Well, 20 minutes later is as soon as possible. I could not believe the attitude she had. I finally lost it and asked to speak to the manager. She walked away. Almost 20 minutes later, a young girl approached our table and asked us what the problem was. I told her our problem and she actually said the following ( I could not make this up!!), "the manager is in the kitchen and cannot be bothered"OK, judge for yourself, but even though I tend to be somewhat "critical", I really believe there is something wrong with this picture.A testimonial from some average guy...who likes to eat good food!!) Peter Franks

Review#4 After reading all the stellar reviews it makes me wonder why so many people would spend so much time writing wonderful things in such detail...MMM...sounds fishy to me. The reality of this restaurant is that it's OK, it appeals to the Pat Whitley crowd. If you really like fine food, go into Boston. Bill Tilly

Yes we added this reviewer to our wall of shame.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought I would let you all know that I worked here as a waitress for one year. The cole slaw sits out all day by the AC vents so it seems refrigerated, and waitresses and other food servers use their hands (no gloves, tonsils) to reach into the large pickle hands soak in the juice. And if you think the staff is rude to the customers, try working there.

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They don't sell coleslaw or pickles there...thanks anyway for the bogus comments

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow-Anonymous, they do not sell coleslaw or pickles there, are you related to wall of shameer Bill?

8:43 AM  

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