Monday, June 27, 2005

The festival was held in the civic center on the steps of San Francisco City Hall, the current home of Gavin Newson, the lightning rod for the push to legalize Gay Marriage in California.  Posted by Hello

The food was nothing to write home about mostly generic festival food, nothing that I could say was gourmet! Posted by Hello

This is one of those only in San Francisco Photo's, but a very colorfull one as well. Posted by Hello

After the parade some of the talent took time to pose for me from left to right Darya Folsom, Rob Black, and Tersia Estacio and in the rear a member of the promotions department. Posted by Hello

I jumped out of the van to snap this photo of the Immigration Equality float the was following the KRON 4 van.  Posted by Hello

San Francisco's finest monitoring the parade to make sure things don't get out of hand.....  Posted by Hello

There were tons of different type of floats and costumes ...... Posted by Hello

This is one of my favorite custome for obvious reasons! I love feathers!! thats my story and I'm sticking to it!  Posted by Hello

Incredible costumes, sights and sounds!  Posted by Hello

I took time to pose with more participants in the parade......  Posted by Hello

The parade is a celebration of diversity and includes participants of all shapes and sizes. It really is a cool experience.... I had a blast! Posted by Hello

When driving in this parade the parade officials require that we have wheel monitors to make sure no one gets sucked up under the wheels. They also were responsible for handing out t-shirts, pencils and KRON4 caps to the crowd on the parade route.  Posted by Hello

I had a chance to take a photo with the Donna Sachet while we wait for the parade to begin. Posted by Hello

Of course we can't go on with out mentioning Donna Sachet the official Grand Marshall...  Posted by Hello

Celebrity Grand Marshall Alex Mapa of television show Half and Half waiting for the parade to begin poses for a quick photo.  Posted by Hello

For the second year in a row I got to drive in the Pride parade, I always want to be able to be in a parade.... It appears this is the only parade they will let me be in! This is my everyday work van all cleaned up. Last year drove a red jeep.  Posted by Hello