Thursday, November 22, 2007

This fraudulent review actually made it past our filters and was on line for 6 months (we can't catch them all). The review was found after a random review audit was performed, whch we conduct from time to time targeting random reviews.

Laguna D'zur International
Cocina de pura passion ( Kitchen with pure passion)
Laguna d'zur International is like restaurant number one, we dine last week and chef is espectaculare, the duck escuisite.
I recommend this restaurant to people to enjoy master cuisine from all over the world, Kaibil Bravo sei numero uno

Review submitted by: Estefan Jesua Velazquez

How we determined the review was submitted by the restaurant is simple, just click this link:

Fraudulent reviews just keep coming in. The review posted below never made it past our filters although the poster used a fictitious name. We were able to track the review back to an employee of the business, who just so happens to have the same last name as the chef (go figure).

"Wow! Amazing experience! Hidden downtown Detroit gem! Great waterfront/riverwalk location with amazing food and impeccable service! Steaks are superb! We asked to meet the chef and Chris Franz was a delight! Can't wait to go back! "

MaryKay Richland