Monday, October 09, 2006

I am on strike, and I want you to join the strike with me. I promise that you will not have to stand on a picket line and I promise that there will be a firm date to end this strike! The work stoppage will end on November 25 at midnight. After midnight on that date, you can resume normal activity.
I am protesting the proliferation of Christmas decorations; in?let?s say...October!! In some cases, I have either seen or read about Christmas decorations being placed out as early as late August. I used to joke that as soon as we finish with the Independence Day celebrations, shops move right to the Christmas decorations, I?m starting to think that its not a joke anymore. I am getting a little annoyed by this phenomenon. Don?t get me wrong, I?m not going to get on my soap box and preach about Christmas being about Jesus and sprit of giving, blah, blah, blah. But I am going to say that this Christmas should not be about how much corporations and retailers make so that they can finish out their year in the black.
Already were seeing fights in Target Stores over the newest ?Tickle Me Elmo? dolls that laugh. What in God?s name is happening here? Why in God?s name are we fighting over frickin? dolls? There should be a natural order for holiday promotions starting with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas! Not Christmas, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and then more Christmas followed by after Christmas sales. The truth is I really think we skipped Thanksgiving last year. Yeah, I saw the Macy?s Turkey Day Parade and there was very little mention of Thanksgiving. After Halloween, we basically went straight to Christmas.
So here is what I want you to do, I want you to take a pledge that you will not spend one red cent of you hard earned money on Christmas, until black Friday, or November 25 which ever comes first. I want you to decorate your house for Thanksgiving this year and remember those who may not have a family to spend the holidays with. If you?re one of our readers from a country other than America, then celebrate that holiday, whether it is Independence Day in Finland on December 6th , National Heroes' Day in the Philippines, or Kinro-Kansha-No-Hi (Labor Thanksgiving Day) in Japan, hold on to your Christmas spending money until the beginning of the official Christmas season.
So grab your picket signs and join in on the protest make a pledge to keep with tradition and start your Christmas shopping when it is appropriate, the day after Thanksgiving, and not a day earlier. Send us an email and tell me how you plan on spending your Thanksgiving this year, oh and enjoy your Halloween. Have a wonderful and enjoyable holiday season!