Thursday, February 19, 2004

Did you have trouble posting a review on if you did I want to hear about it. I want this to be the most painfree experience on the web. I have looked at the other "post your own review websites" and found most of them to be totally non-userfriendly and just a little annoying. So If you ever had a problem posting or navigating through let me know! Also if you actually read this blogger thing send me a heads up. Do you like it and what would you like to read about?

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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

From time to time I get reviews from former employees of restaurants. Most of the time they don't fess up to being an employee. However this review was sent by a former employee who made it clear that he along with several other staff members were fired from the restaurant in question. Do to the nature of this review I can not reveal the name of the restaurant or the location but I will allow you to read his review. This is exactly how it was written nothing was changed or edited. If I were to post this review it would be considered libelous!

"Ok, so essentially I used to work there and I--along with the entire waitstaff, kitchen crew--was fired for no reason and without any notice whatsoever. That said, you should know a few things about the place....
1. mice --everywhere. check your food for droppings
2. food stored at dangerous temperatures...if you MUST eat there, avoid meat - it's often stored improperly.
3. illegal activites by mangement such as paying people under the table and selling bottles of liquor to the public."

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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Soooooooooooo did you survive or are you in the Dog House? Even after my wrong name blunder I made a strong recovery only to fizzle out in the end. sorta..... around 3:15 I shot over to Oakland to meet with an appointment, however the meeting never happened so I began to head back to the pensulia... of course there was one thing slowing me down... the Oakland Bay Bridge, which is known to bring a grown man to tears there must have been a million cars all trying to get into San Francisco. I need to get to Half Moon Bay due to the fact that there was a 10 lb lobster with my name on it....I also need to get there in a timley manner, so why are all these people in my way?
Last week the exact same lobster was selling for 11.99 Lb somehow according to the store clerk the shipper raised their prices on lobster shipments this week on a lobster which was delivered last week resulting in a new price of 13.99 lb for the exact same lobster! That was a neat trick! Since I was just there seven days ago I questioned him on his sudden price increase...however since I was here last week he would give me the Monster lobster for 12.99 lb.. I told him I will give you the original 11.99 lb and get the big one, somehow he agreed. I rushed back home arriving at 6:25 only to find My Valentine fully dressed with keys in hand preparing to go get chinese food along with a had written note saying I hade known I was going to spend Valentines day alone I would have made other plans (oh Lucky Me)... we left at 6:30 the note said....I handed her the very heavy bag with the lobster with claws the size of volkswagons and her attitude changed sorta ( I took a photo of the giant lobster if you want to see it email me and I will send it to you)...we cooked the lobster drank some bubbly then I woke up around 7am not realizing I had fallen asleep from being exausted from my trip around the world in 3 hours.... I hate 'paid Holidays!' it always seem like everyone gets paid but me!!! any one wishing to respond to my notes posted in this weblog can do so on the we8there forum.