Thursday, September 07, 2006

The John Karr case, in my opinion, is an excellent example of how our legal system is broken. When I say broken, I mean that there needs to be a better way to handle legal cases. This 'NUT' had an obsession with JonBenet Ramsey's murder and had the world believing that he was the killer of that little girl. It ran on the news everyday, as if they had just caught the Lindbergh baby's kidnapper.
Here is my problem with this, the city of Boulder, Colorado sent two officers to Thailand to bring this loser back from Bangkok, flew him in Business class and he was fed gourmet food and champagne. Ok, what was wrong with this picture? I wonder If I were accused of or confessed to a murder and the police came looking for me, would I get to fly business class?. Hell, I?m not accused of any crime at all and I still can?t fly Business class. They then fly this 'character' to Los Angeles, for no other reason than to give the Boulder police time to get their case in order, and you mean to tell me that no one in Boulder Police Department could secure a DNA kit to take to Bangkok. The citizens of Boulder should be livid; this inept District Attorney?s office can?t solve the murder of a child that happened in 1996. The JonBenet case is just one example, lets look at the 'war on drugs' and while I don?t condone the use of any type of drugs, except medical marijuana. I?m beginning to think that this country is fighting a war that is impossible to win. I do a television news show in the San Francisco Bay area aptly named ?People Behaving Badly? and I see first hand how much of a losing battle this is. I have seen crack dealers selling drugs on government property with impunity. I hear about court cases where known drug dealers are set free, while drug users are being jailed and it is no secret that most of the drug addicts are minorities. The population of African Americans in America is 13 percent however the population of African Americans in prison is somewhere around 75 percent, but you knew this already.
There are laws for everything, and we expect the police to keep the peace and the sad truth is they can?t, if all hell broke loose tomorrow, most police agencies would be stretched so thinly that chaos would take over and If you have any doubt about what I?m saying just look at what happened in New Orleans. I recently watched a Spike Lee documentary ?When the Levee Broke?. I thought I knew what happened during and immediately after Hurricane Katrina from watching the news, but that documentary really blew me away.
I am angry and I believe the John Karr case was the last straw for me they should have left him in the Thailand jail mailed a DNA kit to Thailand police officials and if he tested positive they should have then gone to get him. Instead, he got a free ride home courtesy of the Boulder Police Department. Election time is coming and I want to find candidates who realize the system is broken and can think out the box to try to fix at least some of the problems. We should not be flying heinous murder suspects around like movie stars; we should not be cutting the budgets of local police organizations, and we should do our part as citizens to say 'enough is enough'. We should be 'mad as hell and not willing to take it anymore'. These are my thoughts, tell me what you think