Tuesday, March 14, 2006

This is the worst case of review fraud I have ever encountered to date.... This individual uses multiple names, AND multiple emails in an attempt to counter some negative reviews of this restaurant....... These reviews are being added to the hall Of SHAME

Review #1

Z's in Tempe has incredible Chicago Style Food, including GREAT BBQ Baby Back Ribs, and Italian Beef Sandwiches. You must check out this place. Also their french fries are OUTSTANDING!!!!!
Review #2

Z's is an outstanding reminder of Chicago Style Food. They have incrediable Chicago Style Hot Dogs, Italian Sausauge that is out of this world! And they even make REAL Ice Cream Milk Shakes. If you're looking for a Chicago Style Restaurant in Phoenix, AZ, Z's Restaurants is definitely the place to check out!

Review #3

Z's at 2019 S McClintock (SE Corner of Broadway and McClintock in Tempe AZ) is a true reminder of my home town Chicago. The food is great and the Hot Dogs, Italian Beef and french fries are the best I've ever had in my life. The place is cool too, it's all decked out with street signs from Chicago and other memorabilia. It's really cool too cause they place really cool music inside. You better check this place out soon, before you can't get a table. Evidently this location just opened and the word hasn't hit the streets yet. Best of all it even has a drive thru and let me tell you the service was quick. The people are friendly too, I would strongly recommend this place if you love "true" foods from Chicago. You can't miss the place it's across the street from New York Ted's so if you're from Chicago and someone tries to send you there you better go across the street if you're looking for something like a Portillios cause this place ROCKS!

Review #4

Not sure what the other reviewer is talking about as I ate their today after finding several reviews on Z's great food. I ordered a hamburger, fries and drink and it came to $6.27 plus tax no where near the $10 that Anna is talking about. and let me tell you for a FRESH ground hamburger, and HOME made fries its well worth it! Chicago Hamburger co is good, but has gone done hill since they recently sold, and now microwave their burgers to order. All Chicagoans you can't go wrong with this place trust me I was actually born and raised in Chicago's south side. This place is GOOD! about time to see some good food in the valley thats fresh and not a fast food type. Maybe the other reviewer should continue going to McDonalds for their value meals. (After all if you watched TV and say Super Size you'd relize you get what you pay for.

Review #5

Z's in Tempe is good, we go from the office 3 times a week, and the value is good, we use to go to the Slider place on Indian School until we started checking out restaurants at http://www.maricopa.gov/ you might want to check out any restaurant first before going. Some of these places are really bad. Z's we noticed received 2 back to back gold ratings since they've opened and I have to say the place is spotless, usually these New York and Chicago places are dirty, but the manager of this place really takes pride in cleanliness, which now a days is a good thing.

Reviews #6

Z's in Tempe rocks! I go there at least once a week and everytime I've been there it's been a great experience, and if there is anything ever wrong the manager is awesome and fixes it. Not sure what this Bonnie person is talking about, cause I've always had pop there and they do not charge for refills, they did for a bit due to some issues getting their product, but I was there today and there was a sign up that said FREE refills. You might want to read the signs next time your there. Al's is good too, but since they've been selling out the name it's not like it once was, when it was in Chicago. I recommend this place to everyone.