Wednesday, November 14, 2007

As’s popularity continues to grow so does the amount of fraudulent review attempts we receive. We are committed to maintaining a quality site for restaurants and lodging establishments, but when unscrupulous owners try to bolster their ratings with bogus reviews it undermines our credibility.

We are beginning to take drastic steps to curb this problem. Currently we are stepping up efforts to detect and delete fake reviews. has implemented protocols that are now fully in effect. If your restaurant/lodging staff, whether it’s the owner, the general manager, a part time employee, the wife of the executive chef, cooks, busboy or anyone closely associated with the establishment past or present are caught violating our posting policy, we will ban your business for 30 days (first offense) 60 days (second offense) 90 days (third offense) and reserve the option of filing civil charges in the state of California for attempting to undermine the credibility of If you have purchased a Premium Listing and it's determined an employee posted a bogus review, you will forfeit your listing and the business will have to purchase a new listing when the ban has been lifted.

If you read the Blog we have posted some of our offenders on what I would like to call our wall of shame. These were attempts at posting fake reviews to bolster the establishment’s ratings, in some cases it was because the establishment received a negative review and they wanted to counter that review. In other cases it was because they just wanted to get listed for free and give their business a positive rating in hopes of increasing business. I completely understand.

If you’re really interested in getting your business on we do offer legitimate ways to do so. Check out our premium listings for as little as $70 per year you can list your business and point your customers to for honest feedback. It would be easier to read what your customers think about your restaurant and fix the potential problem rather than never knowing the problem. Consider as your personal secret shopper.
We are very happy the general public finds useful and helpful, that was why I created the site. We will continue to offer quality reviews for both casual and business travelers. Word of mouth has moved us to approximately 2 million hits per month. Just recently an independent website researched multiple sites and determined the best place for a business to maximize their exposure. How cool is that? Thank you for using and please tell a friend.