Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It’s 2007 and it seems we have finally caught up to the future! Soon you will be able to buy cloned meats at your local supermarket. Here’s the part that scares me, some expert went on record saying “there is absolutely nothing wrong with cloned meats, so we don’t believe the meat requires any special warnings.” I strongly disagree with that philosophy and the idea of selling cloned meats, and even more, not marking the meat as cloned. All of a sudden the vegan thing is looking so much better to me

How many times have we heard ‘there’s nothing wrong with this product’ – only to hear about a recall because they’ve found a problem? What’s wrong, cows aren’t reproducing fast enough, that now we have to call in scientists? I guess soon we will have designer cows. Imagine this, you go to some swanky restaurant and order a Louis Vuitton filet mignon, specially cloned with the trademark Vuitton logo, for lets say, 500 dollars a cut. I can see the lines forming for the next seating. Or even better yet, Albertsons opens a special designer cloned food section, which could mean that regular meats will now be found in the generic food section.

Here’s what I think, if cloned meats were labeled as cloned, there would be a lot of unsold Angus on the refrigerated shelves. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration claims that American consumers won’t mind. I hate to break this to powers that be, but last time I checked I was a consumer, and I do mind. BTW, I know at least a couple dozen other consumers who “mind” as well.

I’m personally open to try anything once, within reason, but I think it’s only fair that I know what I am buying. You as the consumer should also be aware of what you’re buying, just in case someone twenty years from now discovers that cloned beef, pork, lamb or whatever they decide to clone next, actually has problems. That way we don’t have 200 million plus people wondering if they need to get a special cloned meat shot. What I mean is this, if I never eat cloned meats and it turns out there was a problem with designer meats, I won’t be affected.

It’s the future; I would have preferred the flying car rather than designer meats! Welcome to 2007 and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!