Sunday, May 10, 2009

Reviews we can't post but we thought we should share them with our readers!

Think (name withheld) in Camp Hill, Pa is delicious? You might think again after you read this…. Great service and a personal experience ? That is if you realize she is adding at least an additional .05 to .10 tax on every bill, like I said at the least. She also pockets all or at least ½ the tips from every table if you work for her. Wonder why the constant employee turn over? She steals tips off the tables as well. If you leave the heat on forget to charge a customer for a drink or break something she also makes you pay for it after she already takes ½ of the tips. Her kitchen employees are illegal. She doesn't pay them she just provides an employee apartment. Her front house employees are all paid under the table just from tips so she doesn't have to pay taxes or claim all the profits. She is always adding additional charges to customer's bill like bread they didn't order. They order one piece she puts a whole basket on the check which isn't even listed in the menu. There were many customer's upset with her about this who said they never ordered it and she said well you ate it and didn't say anything. Hence, the customer's didn't know how much bread came in an order. She only allows select customers to use coupons. If you do not notice the large sign 15% off all take-out on the front window, you only get that discount if you bring it to their attention. Otherwise, they said don't honor it. They save all the food that sat out all day on the buffet and either serve it for dinner or put it back on the buffet the next day. No gloves or hair nets are ever used in the kitchen. The Tandoori chicken and many other dishes are made on the floor in the kitchen. Their tomato soup and many other foods just like their Indian pickles are packaged. She put fresh fennel seeds out if the front of the restaurant one day from their dirty office, and there were bugs crawling all through them.She says that Asians are superior and smarter than Americans. She had a male working in front of the restaurant in November 2008 and said she fired him because he was gay. She seemed the think this was perfectly legal. Would you ever think she would take advantage of a blind person? Well she does she has a blind customer that comes in with a female she writes their check for them and their bill is always about $80.00. had worked for her on and off again for 2 years this is the longest I ever worked for her and found the truth in how they behave. If a bill is $28.30 it would be $14.50 each she will make it $16.00 each if they want to split it. She always adds atleast a dollar then the bill is split. She also won't split a bill exact she only will divide it by 2 or however many at the table which isn't fair to the customer. The kitchen is filthy they never clean the area underneath where the servers pick up their food, I could go on forever but I just wanted to put out a warning so the next time you are dining out for the evening you may think twice.
A P (05/10/2009) Camp Hill, PA