Monday, April 10, 2006

When will they learn? We constantly check for review fraud!

Once again our keen eyed team found more fake reviews

This next group comes from the city of Nashville! See if you can spot the similarities, all reviews came in the same day.

Review 1
I treated a group of highly valued clients to Past Perfect, and the food (We had mostly steak, fish, and salads), the wine, and the service were way beyond expectation. I will be back.

Great food and great atmosphere. It is a nice, classy place, but also fun. It is a new restaurant, but it runs very smoothly for a new place. It is the new place to be, in my opinion.

I travel frequently on business and tend to be a connoisseur of good food and nice dining establishments. My colleagues and I enjoyed this restaurant very much and would recommend it to anyone.

I had to entertain some corporate clients in Nashville. It was the perfect location especially for those that were staying at the nearby hotels. The food was great, the atmosphere was urban and fun, and the service was impeccable. I'll go back.