Saturday, May 06, 2006 does not post fast food reviews but this one had to be posted. It was posted as a review for Hardees in Humbolt, IA..... well anyway read the posting.

"restaurants need to have paper towels available in restrooms because after you go potty you touch the faucet handles w/ germs on your hands, wash, then ya gotta shut off the water with clean hands touching the contaminated handles with out use of a paper towel to put on the handle therefor getting germs back on your hands, then go eat w/ your hands"

Friday, May 05, 2006

Family Booted From Buffet For Wasting Too Much Food

Manager Says: Family Wasted Food Several Times

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Wendy Dershem may think twice before leaving that egg roll on her plate at her next Chinese buffet.
The Des Moines woman, her boyfriend and her two children were kicked out of a restaurant last week after management at Dragon House accused her of leaving too much food on her plate.
Dershem said she paid for her buffet on Saturday but was abruptly told to leave after eating one plate of food.
Employees said they had been watching her family on previous trips to the restaurant and were fed up with her habits. They said she would pile her plate with food, take one bite and throw it away.
"They just take one bite and throw it away," said cashier Lin Huyen. "They take four egg rolls and crab ragoon, take one bite of egg roll and throw the whole plate. That is wasting food."
Dershem said she was shocked by the scolding and complained to management when she paid her check.
Dragon House manager Kent Cao said his restaurant does not offer an all-you-can waste buffet. He said Dershem's family took food, didn't finish it and then piled on the same food again, he said. He says he won't allow her back in the restaurant unless she changes her ways.