Sunday, June 11, 2006

When you order something online that you need right away, you have a few options. Let?s see there is overnight, second day air, three day priority and hand-delivered on foot by some guy who must have personally walked your package in from Canada. Whatever the case, most delivery services don?t live up to their word, unless you make your order in a certain ?golden time zone?.
Recently, I ordered a package from Tastykake for an event that was to take place in San Francisco on May 7th, the order was placed on May 2nd so, I had the option of overnight or second day air delivery. Hell, l it was only the 2nd of May and I needed the shipment by May 7th, so I thought that I would save a little cash and order the product second day air delivery, which means it should arrive on May 4th. Right? Wrong! You see my mistake was that I placed the order at 9pm, thinking that online orders were processed as soon as you placed the order. It turns out that the order I made on May 2nd from the West Coast was really placed on the May 3rd at 12am East Coast time, which meant it was not sorted, billed and processed until the evening of May 3rd to be marked for shipment on May 4th, my expected delivery date.
So, on May 4th at 1pm, I get an email from a service named, Quantum View alerting me that my package has been shipped, with an expected delivery date of May 8th, one day later than I needed it. So I made an attempt to call the powers that be at Tastykake, to see if I could have the shipment expedited. Silly me, I thought that 2nd day air was expedited! As fate would have it, Tastykake shuts down at 4pm Eastern Standard Time. I tried desperately to get through to someone on the phone and was routed to a security guard, who routed me to an answering machine, that simply stated that all lines were busy and to leave a message. So I did! Now, get this, I tried calling the Quantum View (which turns out to be UPS) to see if I could get the order upgraded to overnight as that would solve my problem, it turns out UPS only has the paperwork and not the actual order, so until they had the actual order, there was nothing they could do. So would someone please explain to me how an order has been shipped when it has not been shipped?
It gets better; at 6:18 am on May 5th, I get a call from a Tastykake employee inquiring about the message that I left, telling me since I made the order on May 3rd Eastern Standard Time which was really May 2nd West Coast time and because it takes one day to process the order and UPS will not deliver on the weekends, I would not get my order until May 8th, so I asked her to cancel the order. Now your average company would be bending over backwards to make an attempt to get your order out to you, so that they don?t lose the sale, I guess the powers that be at Tastykake don?t need the money, so now I will be stuck with 6 pounds of useless pastries. In this case, 2nd day air will take 6 days! I guess I have to move on the Plan B??Now what was plan B I know I left that plan around here somewhere!
And just think, I paid extra to get second day air!