Saturday, October 01, 2005 is pleased to announce our ?Excellence in Dining? Program

The Excellence in Dining Program is guaranteed to increase your Customer Traffic. We will certify your establishment and award you a distinctive Seal of Excellence in Dining, which we promote, distinguishing your business for the dining experience.
Our Partner, Hospitality Performance, will provide professional Quality Assessment of your restaurant, evaluating all aspects of your operation, which influence a Customer's satisfaction, reviewing your facility, your service and your product delivery.
Through, you will enjoy all the prominent positioning benefits of the Premium Enhanced Program, such as detailed description and web site reference, instant e-mail notification with a new review, and much more.
Your restaurant, now "Peer Reviewed and Quality Assured," demonstrates the distinction of being a restaurant of choice, providing consumer confidence to dine with you. In addition, the Seal of Excellence in Dining you are awarded provides powerful marketing potential. Business will boom.
For more detailed information regarding how to get your Seal of Excellence in Dining, contact A member of the staff will assist you personally.
If you have a membership listing you can simply upgrade to ?Premium Pro Excellence in Dining? Program (Contact us for more information)

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